“Painting the beauty of nature is a passion”

My Name is Sirilak (Judy) Kager from Thailand
and I am in Switzerland since 1986.

I started painting at first as a hobby but it turned into one
of the great passions in my life in 2010. After I have qualified
to teach the works of Gary Jenkins, I decided to become a professional artist.

My mediums are Oil and Acrylic. I love painting Landscapes and Flowers (especially roses, but also other flowers) with Oil and Acrylic but I am open for more than this, for example like Portrait Painting, Airbrush Pictures, Aquarellic Pictures and so on.

I like to hear when viewers of my work say that they can step into my paintings and smell the flowers, feel the velvet of the rose-petals and have the feeling of standing in a garden – where I was when I was first inspired.

I would like to thank: 

  • Markus Friedrich and Simone Kager who never let me down and always helped and supported me with tips and tricks.
  • Gary Jenkins and the Farbiflora Team who taught me all fine technique to allow me to paint many nice pictures
  • William Alexander, Bob Ross, they were Idols for me
  • many other artists who helped me to finde the way e.g. Doris Perren who sparkled my wishes

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